Stripped, Part I – ‘The Crooked Pinky’

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I rode the tube to Bethnal Green last night. My fear of closed spaces – which had on many occasions prevented me to even contemplate plunging into London’s innards – always gives way to mild bursts of insanity. Yesterday, I imagined the train being permanently immobilized between stops, my brain equated the tunnel to a tomb, flashing images of rotten corpses whizzed by, and finally a steady stream of stills of each one of the passengers around me as a mummified lump…

“Mind the Gap”.

Phew, I made it (alive).


A mummy from the Chachapoyas culture

As I rushed through the crowds, I felt incredibly aware of my own existence (I always do after a tube ride), but I also felt fascinated with the thought that we are all ultimately perishable walking forms. I wondered about my own ‘innards’ and what they’d reaveal.

It turns out, just like the London underground, it’s not all that attractive. But why hide these crippled bones of mine? I’m taking my skeleton out of the closet today and stripping myself of my flesh. I’ve done some exploratory probings during my lifetime, and have decided to come clean about by own crookedness, and expose my bones in increments.

So without further ado, I give you item number 1, ‘the crooked pinky':

crooked-finger1 a2

I may look nothing like either of my parents, but my fingers don’t lie. Or at least my pinkies don’t. My mitochondrial half has been so kind as to endow all of its progeny with crooked little fingers, and all members of the family on the maternal side have varying degrees of this strange ‘finger curvature’.

Clearly, I am not adopted, and whatever mutant gene is causing this abnormality is being served straight-up from my mother’s side and has precedent over its recessive counterpart in my father (it’s therefore autosomal dominant with complete penetrance).

It may be an aberration, and slightly unattractive but it’s certainly not debilitating so I’ve grown quite fond of it.

… and it has a name.

Clinodactyly (or “bent finger”, from the Greek ‘klinein’, “to lean/to bend”, and “daktylos”, finger) is a common deffect of the 5th finger (or pinky), by which the distal end of the digit bends towards the 4th finger (the ring finger). It usually occurs in about 0.1 to 1% of the human population and in isolation of any other clinical anomalies. Clinodactyly of the fingers can be caused by the presence of an extra bone inside the finger, but when it comes to the pinky, it is most commonly due to the underdevelopment of the middle phallanx (or asymmetrical hypoplasia)

c2 mmc4-midi

X-ray of a hand and and pinky with clinodactyly

Fortunately for me and my maternal family members, this is nothing but a skeletal curiosity that happens to be visible on the outside. In some cases, however, it can occur in combination with other abnormalities such as Russell-Silver syndrome, Feingold Syndrome or Down Syndrome. In fact, when it is identified in prenatal ultrasounds, it is considered statistically correlated with increased risk of chromosome aberration in the fetus and may be reason enough to order an amniocentesis…

“Mind the Gap”.

Phew. I made it (sans-Down Syndrome).

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71 thoughts on “Stripped, Part I – ‘The Crooked Pinky’

  1. Interesting. My son was born with this crook in both of his little fingers. I always wondered about it. He is an otherwise perfectly healthy and handsome adult.

    By the way, I love your site. I arrived here from Pharyngula on your second post.

    • From what I read the trait should be passed on through the mother (it’s on the X chromosome) and should always be expressed. I’m surprised you don’t have it. Then again, perhaps you are giving rise to a new form of crooked-pinky mutation :)

    • Anna, that’s interesting about the bent pinkies. My kids both have them, but neither my husband nor I has them. My husband and kids all have ADHD, which is on the autism spectrum….But to our knowledge no one else in either of our families has the bent pinky trait. My son does have a much longer ring finger than pointer, and I have read that some have said this is a marker for autism (low ratio of digit 2 to 4).

  2. My sister and I have nail patella syndrome, commonly abbreviated NPS. It is associated with a number of disorders, principally degenerative processes in the connective tissue of the kidneys. lungs, and affected joints such as the nail beds, knees, pelvis, mandible and the like. When present as a kidney disease, it is usually fatal in childhood or adolescence. According to the literature at various web sites regarding NPS, it is a gene on an autosomal chromosome, is dominant when present, and not sex-linked. Thus, my interest in your website. I have both a keen interest in bones and really ugly finger nails! Your piece is really interesting from the perspective of someone possessing weird bones. I’ll share this with my sister. Anyway, if you happen to hear of someone who also has NPS, say hey for us in SWGA.

    • Hi there

      I just thought I could add something intersting to this. My twins, my husband and his mother and some of her siblings have got Feingold Syndrome and that includes the bend or clyndactly of the second and fifth fingers and they also have the short fingers I think this is bracydactly I think. One of my twins has a very interesting skin and nail condition on top of the Feingold Syndrome we took her to a Dermalologist specialist and they were not entirely sure that it was 20 Nail Dystrophy. Which they said is an inflamation of the nail bed and thus all her finger and toenails are spoon shaped and they are rough and split all the time. Yet the could not explain her sandpaper like skin. Just another thing with this because I did ask them if it could be NPS they were not sure. My husband and his sister have been having a huge amount of trouble with there knees. She has got a spur growing on her knee cap. My husband has not had his checked out yet but when he was a teenager his knees used to lock and they had to take him to hospital to get them to unlock. Any way does any of this sound like NPS??

  3. Anna – I am a 66 year-old Yank who must be the antithesis of Anna Barros. My crooked pinkies have been inherited downward through my male ancestors (at least 3 generations before me) and I have passed them on to my sons and one of them to his son. Your left pinky is the most curved, mine is the right. So, we seem to be 180 degrees out of phase with each other, but we both seem to have been blessed by avoiding the Russell-Silver Syndrome (I’m 6 foot 4 inches tall [but I do have 2 extra vertebrea]); or the Feingold Syndrome (being blessed with an I.Q. of 171 and reading your article see you must be similarly blessed.
    Cheers, have a great life over there, and don’t let your fears intimidate you…
    Doug D.

  4. I was thinking of doing a post about my inherited crooked pinky fingers and found your blog. I have seen another woman in person with hers as crooked as mine. She was from Michigan, as was my mom. I got it from my mom and my brother has it but not as much. I am 46 yrs old with 3 sons and none of them inherited it which I find odd. They have my husband’s feet too (luckily as their hands and feet are cute!)
    I never knew what they could be a sign of. I’ll have to look up those things.

    • im from michigan too, but no one in my family that we know of have crooked pinkies except me and my son. have no clue where it came from! i love them so much

  5. Hmmm. It seems that the little research I’ve done on the issue does not explain this crooked pinky deal! Jury’s still out I guess.
    My roomate, who is a molecular cell biologist tells me that the genes which control and regulate the growth and development of the fingers are not well known at all! Perhaps therein lies the mystery to all this crookedness…

  6. Hi there. Just wanted to tell you that I was born with this crooked pinky on both my hands my hands are exactly the same on each side. Iused to be so imbarraced of this when I was young. When I went to have them straighted I couldn’t do it because I love them now . I believe they bother other people more than they do me now and I find that strange. I think that It’s an odd thing but there are all different types of hands.This is very common but not as common as straight fingers so it’s looked at as odd. I think it’s a higher intelligence thing but can’t prove it , because doctors seem to think it has to do with down syndrome. I don’t believe this and I think we should start a club but then that might make peoplle break their fingers and then you won’t be able to tell the real frome the wanna bes.

    • I have never met anyone with 2 crooked pinkies like mine. I can certainly relate with you. I too have been self conscious of mine all my life. However, they work just fine. I have some problems on the computer keyboard and reaching chords on my guitar, but other than that, you are very right, other people have a harder time with them than me! I have 11 grandchildren with many more to come, I hope. So far one grand daughter got grandpa’s crooked pinkies. She and I have already made our special crooked pinky club! She may hate them as she gets older, but for now she’s very proud to be like her grandpa. I don’t know of anyone before me, parents or otherwise, that have them. I guess a very few of us are just lucky and special!

  7. Innards-Outnards… what is normal? What is abnormal?

    Cute dress, Great tan, Nice hair… I perceive “Attractive”.

    But what are you eating? Details… please. Looks delicious!

  8. Lol, thanks Mark. Indeed, what is normal these days? (and who really wants to ‘normal’ anyway?)
    The tan is from Portugal, and I’m eating a hot dog.
    Street meat is a must.

    • My complements to you both, Ms. Annasbones… complements to the skin you’re in, and to Portugal’s sun…

      ‘Normalcy’ is an odd thing, the ‘Bell Curve’ being what it is and all.

      … but am curious as to the condiments adorning the “StreetMeat” (which, I wholeheartedly agree is a must)… I see a smattering of white, green, even red…!

  9. You know, I know EXACTLY how it feels to have the ever so charming “crooked pinky syndrome”. I myself have 2 as do my siblings and their children. It comes from my fathers side. I’m just now finding that after all these years, there is a name for it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Im from the philippines and i got clinodactyly too, I remembered some of my relatives got them. I had no problems with it and i wasn’t teased for it either. If someone notices and asks, I just tell them that i was born with it. The only problem i have is when I play the electric guitar, I’m having minor difficulties in doing solos that require great finger stretches but practice eliminates it.

  11. I have crooked pinkies which were passed down from my mother’s side of the family. Her family was from Norway. My boyfriend and his daughter also have the same pinkies and his family was from Denmark and his surname is also Johansen like mine. I’m wondering if it’s a Scandinavian trait and possible from the Johansen family.

    • I read a post several years ago that attributed the crooked pinky’s to a Viking origin, which could account for the scattered spread through Europe, North America, and beyond.

  12. My twins were born with clinodactely or the second and fifth fingers and have webbing of the second and third and fourth and fifth toes and have been diagnosed with Feingold Syndrome. One of the twins also has a growth problem so they are also looking at Russell Silver Syndrome as well.
    My husband has all the same traits as the twins and also has Feingold. His mother only has a very slightly bend middle finger and pinky on one hand but has some of the facial characteristics. All of her brothers and sisters (al 7) have a bent finger witch was passed down from her father. Very interesting stuff!!!

  13. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and for sharing your own ‘weirdness’ with me! :) It seems the ‘stripped’ series are quite popular so I am currently working on a third ‘stripped’ post about the spine (I still a few bony anomalies to go through!).

    • We have just also found out that my husband and one of our twins has got Scoliosis.My daughter also has hypoplastic 12 ribs. My husband has also got fused vertebrae in C2 and C3 so the Genetic people think this is all linked to Feingold Syndrome.

  14. Hello there!
    I see that there are ppl out there w/crooked pinkys! My 5 yr old Autistic son has two crooked pinkys. It does not run on either side of our all. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who is Autistic with the crooked pinkys? My son is going for genetic testing next month.
    I found this site thorugh a google search of genetic disorders/crooked pinkys.
    I’m glad he is not the only person with this. tehy do not seem to bother him at all, I hope it just means that he is super intelligent!! I already know he is so-oo smart, but the autism holds him back b/c of the social issues.
    Thank you for sharing this with us! I do appreciate you shwoing your crooked pinky’s and take care !

    • my two daughters have curved inward pinkies and one has autism ….dad has this pinkie thing but not me ! so must b from his side! pinky promises i get sworn to everyday despite them being crooked i have big trouble with those promises lol

  15. In response to the post about this trait being a possible Scandinavian thing-that may be a possibility. I’ve inherited the crooked pinkies as well through my great grandma (who is from Norway) to my grandma, then from my dad…interesting

  16. my son was born with bent pinkys and it just seems like it gotten worse,it doesnt bother him and he actually thinks that he is specail cus he can make a perfect heart when he put them together. i wouldnt do any sugery of offered i just wanna make sure that it wont get worse and he will be able to funtion because it seems as if it isnt growing,his right pinky is the worst,,can u help me a lil better?becuz the dr’s we seen havent really ever pin-point what it is…

    • Unfortunately this is as far as my knowledge extends on the crooked pinkie issue! I can tell you though that all the people in my family with crooked pinkies have turned out to be quite remarkable individuals =) they are all healthy, bright, intelligent, successful people, and in fact, most of them are university professors. Of course I am not a doctor, but I think his crooked pinkies might just be an indication of great things to come for him =)
      Hope this helped!

  17. Yes it seems that I didn’t get my facts straight.. It did seem to be that way from the articles I read, but a lot of people are saying they get it from the paternal side. I must check up on this!

    • I think according to our Geneticist this finger mutation is Autosomal Dominant inheritance. So that means there is if one of your parents have crooked fingers there is a 50% chance of your children getting it. And it is not to do with the sex of the parent. It can also spontaneously occur. With feingold Syndrome it is a mutation of the MYCN Gene. Which is the gene that is to do with the forming of bodily structures. Hope this helps :)

  18. cool,there are freaks out here like me:P..i get my crooked fingers from my mom side of the family..people always think i broke my pinkies lol

  19. Cool Twinsmom! What a funky family of ‘mutants’ – no offense! I like mutants myself :) I wish I had consulted you before writing my post. Clearly you are an expert on genetic mutations by now. Thanks for the info, I’m sure a lot of folks will appreciate it.

  20. Hi There. After looking at the picture of your hand, more specifically your
    pinky, my hand and pinky look identical to yours, except older. I’m a guy, that is adopted. I can’t trace any family inherited physical issues, wish I could. Thanks for the info, thought I was the only one out there with bent pinkies.

  21. Everyone in my family has crooked pinkies. I luv mine. I just had a son he has them too. I hope he loves them too!

  22. Many members of the maternal side of my family have crooked pinky fingers. We always check a new baby for this trait.

    I tell people it’s a sign of superior intelligience and makes excellent buger pickers! That always brings a laugh!

  23. I always wondered why I had crooked pinkies – passed on from generations of my mother’s side. The horrible thing is, just discovered that I have congenital lyme disease (caused by Borellia and co-infections), and attaches to the DNA. My grandmother died from it, my mother is dieing from it – (misdiagnoised with palendromic RA and RA) it’s actually infection deteriorating her bones and calcified infection, causing the deformed extremities. Just like my mother in her early 40’s, my ring finger is now starting to curl, the knuckle is enlarging and becoming weak. There are lyme literate doctors out there – and thank goodness I found her one of the best! She’s so chronic she may not come through, but there is hope for me.

  24. I inherited my crooked pinky fingers from my Dad, who is Swedish. I’ve several friends of Scandinavian descent who also have at least one crooked baby finger. Maybe it is a Scandinavian trait as I’ve heard before. Anyway, I rather like mine.

  25. My son , both his pinky’s are curved .My niece, my sisters daughter has one curved pinky.This similarity has given them a special bond. Out of 13 grandchildren they are the oldest two and the only ones so far who have the pinkys.My niece is 17 and healthy and beautiful,TG,and my son is also.He is 11yr,unfortunatley I continue to worry and when ever he gets a growing pain or bruise I have to check all the syndromes.Oh and we are also Scandinavian.

  26. I have had very crooked pinkys since birth. 57 years ago, after my birth, the MD told my mom to use splints. She did and i cried (i can’t remember this). My uncle. “Unk” told her to take them off, because who cares if they are crooked. He was the one when i hit puberty that announced to my friends they became bent from picking my nose! I was mortified and really embarrassed. He thought he as being funny. It’s good I love my Unk :) From there i made up a silly tale that when asked how it happened I would say I put both hands up to protect myself in a car accident just before i hit the windshield. I could not believe how may people actually seriously responded, “Really!” Of course i then told the truth.
    A side note. I also had crooked/bowed legs at birth. On instruction from the same MD, mom massaged them daily and they became straight. Anyone with any ideas if this was related to my fingers? or did i have mild rickets or something? Mom was a very healthy eater. Drank milk daily (added Vit D). Not a sun-worshiper though. Any ideas? My legs did straighten. I have read that a vit D deficiency of bowed legs can later result in knock knees once no longer bowed. I am slightly knock kneed.

  27. My name is krystal and I just want to say that both of my pinky fingers are cooked and was born with it. I all ways wonder y it was like that till i was @ pratice yesterday and my couch seen my hand and was wondering why was my finger like that. So I told him that I was born like that. He said he is going to tell me dat after pratice . Then after pratice he called his wife and asked her what does a funny looking pinky finger means . She said it had to do with something with my heart. next he asked me want was wrong with it i told him i was born with a hole in my heart. So what I’m trying say is dat ( don’t no about you) my finger is like that cause of the hole in my heart i was born with. I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT IT BUT I REALLY THINK YOU SHOULD ASK A DOCTOR DAT KNOWS WHAT HE OR SHE TALKING ABOUT. THE SECRET THAT HE TOLD ME WAS HE CAN LOOK AT ANY ONES BODY AND FIND OUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM. IT HAVE SOME YO DO WITH UR ORGAN IF ANY ONE HAVE MORE INFORMATION PLEASE LET ME KNOW MY EMAIL IS( please let me know i really want to find out more about . it took me 16 an a half years just 2 find out that

  28. I too have crooked fingers…I’ve never met anyone else besides my family members with them. We are also of Scandinavian descent;specifically Norwegian. Crazy stuff!

  29. I am wondering if there have been any scientific studies about the frequency of ‘crooked pinkies’ across world populations. Just wondering if the Scandinavia connection might just be related to the fact that it’s more diagnosed over there.

  30. I have had my bent pinkies since birth, and used to be fine with them, until I realised it wasn’t normal at all. I mean they haven’t stopped me from doing anything I wanted, but I have increasingly become more embarrassed by them. I never even raised my hands in class without trying to hide my pinkies or held the handle bar in the train without trying to hide them either.

    Both my parents have perfectly normal pinkies. and the other other relative i know who has fingers like mine, is my cousin from my mom’s side. As far as I know, none of my Aunts or Uncles or even my grandmother has this. Just my cousin.

    People says it’s genetically female predominant, but both my cousin and I are males… So it’s a little weird that out of all the females on my mom’s side, no one has it. (That’s 5 aunts, 1 mother, 1 grandmother, 10 female cousins)

    I feel like now as I wanna get my self into guitar and stuff, my pinky is limiting my potential too.

    I really want to fix this, but being 21 and all it’s kinda too late considering there’s so much I have to do and would really have no time to wait for a finger to straighten out when it was supposed to be straight in the first place.

    • I completely understand. I felt the same way for most of my life. I haven’t let it hold me back though. If you want to play the guitar, go for it. I have played off and on since I was 15 and I held myself back much of the time because I felt my pinkies didn’t reach the chords very well. I am 58 years old now and I love the guitar. I have found ways to compensate. With a lot of practice and with time, I can reach most everything that used to hold me back. I am currently working on learning some of Tommy Emmanuel’s songs. Out of 13 of our children and 19 grandchildren, only one granddaughter got my crooked pinkies! It may be more difficult for a female but I believe it is not an impediment – you don’t need fixing! You are special – that’s what I tell my beautiful little granddaughter.

  31. I also was born with both little fingers crooked. The degree of crookedness varies between individuals but causes very minor problems with typing (though an uncle typed 100 words per minute). It is totally dominant in our family, my grandfather got it from his father, my mother from her father and I got i from her. 100% of children get it, if one parent has it. No other medical condition is connected with it. My great-grandfather was Irish and Cherokee. I was always proud of being unique. My fingers look like a much older version of yours.

    • HI Barbara,
      My grand father was also Cherokee and Irish!!
      My children do not have crooked pinky’s despite my very crooked pinky’s.
      Read my above entry by Jan on Feb 4th 2011 to learn more about my history.

      I am now in school working toward my Masters in Human Nutrition and we often work on problems that involves genetics. During some resent research i came across crooked pinky (clinodactyly) info on the following website.

      I hope this clears up any questions.


  32. I have crooked pinkies, and only just recently learned of some research indicating some kind of correlation with some genetic abnormalities and perhaps autism. Up to this point, I never really thought of them as any kind of big deal, even after the hundreds of times I’ve been asked about breaking them. However, 6 years ago, my first child was born with Trisomy 18. Since then, we have had two other children without any such issues. We really want to try for another, but these studies are really making it difficult to give it a go. I can’t stand to look at my hands now. Anyone else in this boat?

  33. My two year old son was born with crooked pinkies, I have been wondering about them because no one in mine or my husband’s family has crooked digits. He is a perfectly healthy little boy.

  34. Hi, I also have crooked pinkies.I am of Indian descent and everybody in the family from my dad’s side has them,including my aunts and their children.

  35. Hi, all of my fingers on both hands with the exception of my thumbs are crooked. they’ve been this way since birth. a few years ago i jammed one of my fingers and went to an orthopedist to get xrays to make sure it wasn’t broken. the doctor acted shocked to see the xrays and how deformed the bones were. lol. I’ve never had problems with them although they make it difficult to type. i have four children and my youngest is the only one that has my crooked finger affliction, only his aren’t as noticeable. no one else in my family has crooked fingers.

  36. I’m not sure how I can describe my pinky abnormalities. They don’t get in the way and no one ever really notices because the weirdness isn’t obvious at first glance. My pinkies fit perfectly around my ring finger’s first finger joint. There’s essentially this weird way my bone zig-zags first it goes towards my ring finger the middle bone points away from my ring finger and then my outmost bone points in towards my ring finger. They don’t have an issue typing as the bending isn’t exaggerated but they both match and are both crooked in this way. I have knobby joints in my fingers so I can tell based on the knobs direction that they’re not ‘perfectly straight’

  37. My 7 year old son’s pinky fingers are crooked… Starting at the half way point. No one in our family, 4 generations on my side and 2 generations on my husband’s side still alive, have the same type of pinky fingers. We have not noticed any “abnormalities”. He’s an intelligent and healthy second grader, although I have wondered at times about why they are like that.
    One of the nurses at his birth stated that maybe his crooked pinky fingers would help him throw a mean curve ball. Ha!

  38. I also have crooked pinkies (both) no one on either parent’s side nor grandparents,have them,I have three children and passed it on to all three children 2 sons and 1 daughter. My middle child’s is the most crooked,people notice them often and comment and i just tell them im unique :) never had a name for it till now :)

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  40. How exciting to find so many others with “crooked pinkies.” It is an inherited trait from my mother’s-mother’s side. Most of the 13 children of my grandmother had this, and a very large number of us grandchildren have it. I went around at a reunion checking fingers of aunts, uncles and cousins!
    I have 7 biological grandchildren and it appears in different degrees of bend in them. I have 2 sisters, but only the youngest has the crooked pinkie like mother and myself. All three of my children have it too. My pinkies are even in the amount of crook to them. Typing has always been an issue, as they “lock up” while typing, so I have learned to adapt and have to sometimes use the ring finger to hit some keys.

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  42. I inherited my two crooked pinky fingers from my Dad. His two pinky fingers looked exactly like mine. Never thought much about it and really never even became aware of how different it was till I was about 10-11 years old when Dad and I compared digits and saw how alike we were and different from most everybody else. Dad was Irish, way above average intellect. Never has been a handicap for me and never was for him.

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  45. I have, and have always had, two crooked pinkies (inward toward ring finger). My parents do not have the same crook, but my 2 year old son does. Im healthy, 6’3″ and my son is above average in height for his age (he’s also quite intelligent but i attribute that to his mother). `We both have above average hand sizes, as well. my fingers are long and slender but thick at knuckle.

    Its alarming to see such comorbidity with disabilities. I have attention deficit disorder (PI) and mild tourettes, both of which are well managed and i am successful despite. I guess there is nothing to worry about. I am worried however, about the fact that my father has rheumatoid arthritis and has considerable difficulty with his hands. I also have been told by a doctor that I have trigger finger (painful inflammation in middle of right palm.

    • My 5 year old son has crooked pinkies, with his right pinkies being worse. I have a question for being that have had crooked pinkies for awhile. Have you noticed that the bend/curve has gotten worse since you were younger? My son’s pinkies to not overlap his ring finger, but I am worried that as he grows older they will continue to bend and get worse. Thanks in advance!

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    : -P และถ้าคุณ มี การโพสต์ ที่ อื่น ๆ เว็บไซต์สังคม , ฉันต้องการ ฉันจะ ชอบ ให้ทันกับ คุณ ไม่สามารถ คุณ
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    Facebook หรือ twitter feed ?

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